Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Emma Stone, Cover Girl

Who doesn't love Emma Stone?  She has become a major star in the past year, with her roles in two of 2011's biggest movies, Crazy Stupid Love and The Help. Not only that, she's also starring in The Amazing Spiderman remake out this summer.   Even if you haven't seen her movies (which I'm sure you have), you only have to go to your local grocery store to see that she's on the cover of both Teen Vogue and Vogue, to see how popular she is.  Also, this is her second Teen Vogue cover in less than a year. (Her last was in September 2011). That must be some kind of record!

Teen Vogue August 2012 Cover

Part of the cover shoot-in McQ

Vogue, July 2012

Teen Vogue, September 2011

Song of the Day (from now on I'll be doing this at the end of my posts instead of separately):
Young Blood by The Naked and Famous:  a super catchy song, great for workout music!

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